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For a limited time you can purchase any Road Course or Autocross Driving Package for any type car and get Driving Package of equal value for FREE*.


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  • Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Iowa Speedway
  • Memphis International Raceway
  • Michigan International Speedway
  • Milwaukee Mile
  • National Corvette Museum
  • Pikes Peak International Raceway
  • Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

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Road Course Driving Experience

Road Racing 103: Our 60-90 minute road racing experience is for those people who want to say I did it.  You get the same great training that all of our guests do with a 45 minute classroom experience to give you the basics of road racing and vehicle dynamics.  The classroom is fast paced and there’s over 50 years of road racing experience boiled down into 45 minutes to get you ready to enjoy the thrill of road racing in our world class muscle cars for 3 laps.  The laps go fast but it is enough to get you a feel for the amazing performance of our cars, and the fine art of road racing.  $299.00 Road Racing 105:  You get the same intensive orientation as our 103 program with over 60% more lap time with your in-car instructor.  For some drivers it takes a few laps to get acclimated and with Road Racing 105 you have extra time to put the hammer down on muscle car of your dreams and feel the G’s as it handles the corners on some of America’s best road courses!  $449.00 Road Racing 108: Once again you’ll start with our same great training and orientation, but this time it’s two times on track in your choice of two great cars.  If you’ve always wondered how the Corvette compares to the Camaro or you want to have a Pony car comparison and go Chevy versus Ford now’s your chance.  You’ll get two rounds of 4 laps each in the cars and have the opportunity to choose from 2 different cars or do all 8 laps in the same car.  You’ll get great feedback after your first round on track and the opportunity to really understand vehicle dynamics when you go out for your second set of laps with our instructor. $699.00

3 Lap Driving Experience


5 Lap Driving Experience


8 Lap Driving Experience


Autocross Driving Experience


What is Autocross?

Autocross is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe competition and active participation. An autocross is a timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course on either a sealed or an unsealed surface. Autocross differs from road racing and oval racing in that generally there is only one car on the track, racing against the clock rather than other cars. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a stepping stone for drivers looking to move into other more competitive and possibly expensive forms of racing (such as rallying and circuit racing).

Autocross courses are typically one to two kilometres long and tend to place demands on car handling and driver skill rather than on engine power and outright speed. Courses may be temporary and marked by traffic cones or be permanent tracks with approval by a motorsport body.

Events typically have many classes that allow almost any vehicle, from economy sedans to purpose-built racing cars, to compete. Due to the nature of a typical track, speeds can be slower when compared to other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the large number of elements packed into each course

(Source: Wikipedia)

Autocross as defined by The Muscle Car Experience:

The opportunity to take an American Muscle Car thru a cones course of at least .75 miles in length.  The course will be set up with at least one high-speed straight away where you can feel the amazing horsepower go to the ground and launch the car forward to speeds of close to 100mph, it will also have several high speed corners where you will be tested to put the incredible handling of these cars to work.  You’ll have a right seat instructor with you the entire time to help you thru the course at high speed and to explain how to get the most out of these beautiful racecars.

3 Lap Autocross Experience


5 Lap Autocross Experience


7 Lap Autocross Experience


Promotion valid for new bookings. Any add-on purchases such as video, photo package, vehicle protection plan for initial booking do not carry over to Free Driving Experiences. They must be purchased separately if wanted for each Free driving experience. Promotion cannot be combined with any other discount, promotion or 3rd party vouchers. You must call with your booking number from you original booking to book your Free driving experiences.